Ghosts of Ochre Past Mouse Pad


Don’t be afraid. These colorful characters from Ochre House shows are mostly harmless. And yes, some people do still use a mouse device. But if you’re rodent averse, you can still get great value from this item. It can serve as an extra-large coaster. It can serve as a gourmet potholder or trivet. It can be used to wrap exposed plumbing fixtures when anticipating freezing weather (duct tape not supplied).

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Created to enhance mouse users’ “browsing” and “gaming” experiences, these forward-thinking mousepads come packed with style, comfort, and a certain joie de vivre. Thanks to the rubber base, your mouse pad has a firm grip on the desk, while your design goes on the stain-resistant cloth top side (do not confuse this). With a 1/16th” thickness, you’ll find this mouse pad delivers smooth mouse sliding action for working, playing, and flinging.

  • One shape: Rectangular (no trapezoids)
  • Material: Durable, high-density foam with an ultra-thin rubber base
  • 1/16″ (1.58 mm) thick

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