Fifteenth Anniversary Mouse Pad


If you use a mouse pad, this haute fashion masterpiece is the obvious choice (unless you like our other model). It honors the theater’s founder and artistic director, Matthew Posey. And his little dog, too. Walter, in fact, is a hall-of-famer who wrote many of the lines in the Coppertone series of plays.


Created to enhance mouse users’ “browsing” and “gaming” experiences, these forward-thinking mousepads come packed with style, comfort, and a certain joie de vivre. Thanks to the rubber base, your mouse pad has a firm grip on the desk, while your design goes on the stain-resistant cloth top side (do not confuse this). With a 1/16th” thickness, you’ll find this mouse pad delivers smooth mouse sliding action for working, playing, and flinging.

  • One shape: Rectangular (no trapezoids)
  • Material: Durable, high-density foam with an ultra-thin rubber base
  • 1/16″ (1.58 mm) thick

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