A Mug Only a Mother Could Love


That first “aaaaahhhhh” sip is brought to you by the Pioneers of the Suavant Garde.™ It’s the mug you’ll get out when company stops by, hoping they won’t stay long. Named “Mug of the Year” by Instant Coffee Connoisseurs International, and recommended by shaving brush manufacturers, nationwide. This noble vessel has the elegance to be taken seriously. Get your jitters without the titters.

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  • These 11oz (0.33 l) mugs are made with durable white ceramic so the black parts stand out.
  • All mugs feature a comfortable c-handle and a shiny finish so that they’re both easy to use and great to look at.
  • Microwave & dishwasher-safe, made of white, durable ceramic.
  • Drink confidently as all mugs are lead and BPA-free.

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